Two New South Disouq Wells for SDX Energy

Two New South Disouq Wells for SDX Energy

SDX Energy Plc, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)-focused oil and gas company, announced on February 14 the commencement of drilling operations in Salah and Sobhi wells at South Disouq, according to a press release.

Salah, the SD-6X well, is anticipated to reach a targeted depth of approximately 9,000 feet in late March/early April. The well’s initial targets are in the Kafr el-Sheikh and Abu Madi formations, where the company already holds four wells.

After the completion of Salah, SDX will move to Sobhi, the SD-12X well. It is expected to reach a depth of approximately 7,000 feet at Kafr el-Sheikh formation.

“The Company is reviewing a number of development concepts depending on the size of any discovery that is made. To fully produce the 71 bcfe gross P50 unrisked resource targeted in the Salah well, two further development wells would likely be required. The 33 bcfe gross P50 unrisked resource targeted in the Sobhi well, would potentially only require one further development well,” the statement said.

Mark Reid, CEO of SDX commented that “Salah and Sohbi are very exciting wells for the company with the potential to more than double the reserves to be processed through the South Disouq gas processing facilities.”

If the drilling operations f the two wells succeeded, they would be tied-in to the South Disouq Central Processing Facility with 8.0 kilometers (km) and 5.8 km. In addition to that, SDX will share in the tie-in cost by $2.5 million for Salah well, while $1.9 million would go to Sobhi well.

It worth noting that these two wells are located in Egypt’s South Disouq area, in which SDX owns a 55% working interest. Moreover, the company has managed to complete four wells, three of them were on natural gas discoveries in Abu Madi and Kafr El Sheik.


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