State-run Korean Electric Power Corp (KEPCO) is among companies shortlisted to bid for a nuclear project in Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported.

“We were informed by our Saudi counterpart, King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, that KEPCO was shortlisted for a nuclear project in Saudi Arabia,” the South Korean energy ministry said in a statement on June 1.

The statement added that the winner is expected to be chosen in 2019.

Saudi Arabia plans to build two nuclear power plants in order to diversify its energy mix. Companies from South Korea, the United States, Russia, and China are being considered for the tender.

In 2009, KEPCO won an $18.6 billion deal to construct four nuclear power plants in the UAE.

The Saudi nuclear power plants are expected to be completed with a capacity of 2.8 GW by 2030, according to Pulse News.