The Mozambican Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Letícia Klemens, has announced that South Africa’s petrochemical giant Sasol is investing $2.4m in establishing a gas processing plant in Mozambique, APA can report on Tuesday, APA News reported.

According to 4-traders, Klemens stated that the project will be launched in 2019. Sasol has been focusing on investing in the opening of new natural gas wells and in the assembly of new pipelines, and consequently in the increase of production and the infrastructure for the domestic gas processing and light oil.

“The start-up of this project will improve the conditions for the supply of cooking gas for domestic use by placing the selling prices of this product at the level of the most disadvantaged population” Klemes said.

Mozambique considers the $1.2b natural gas project headed by Sasol in Inhambane as a contributing factor in the country’s economic growth.

Sasol, in partnership with the Mozambique Hydrocarbon Company (ENH), has finished constructing an 856 km pipeline to transport gas from Temane and Pande to its fuel complex in Secunda across the border in South Africa.