Siemens plans to boost the capacity of the Egyptian national electricity grid by 3,200MW through its Beni Suef plant, the New Administrative Capital plant, and Burullus power plants.

This came as sources with the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy stated that the testing of the Beni Suef plant is ongoing to produce 800MW, reported Daily News Egypt. They added that four production units in the Beni Suef plant were introduced late December to produce 1,600MW. Thus, the production of the plant will reach 2,400MW via six production units.

Additionally, Siemens is testing the New Administrative Capital plant to produce 400MW. The company plans to also generate 400MW of electricity from the Burullus facilities. The company aims to link production of the three power station to the national electricity grid before the end of 2016.

Siemens had initially agreed with the Egyptian government to link a total of 4,400MW to the national grid within 2016. However, the nature and location of the Burullus power plant’s required placing poles 30 meters beneath the surface which affected the company’s plan. However, it aims to add 1,200MW to the grid by mid-January through three production units.

The sources added that Siemens is keen to meet the deadline for the execution of the three projects, and will deliver the agreed capacity before the date specified in the contract by three full months.