Shell cuts Nigeria oil output after pipeline sabotage

Royal Dutch Shell had to shut down three oil flow stations in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region due to a pipeline attack, the company spokeswoman said

She said that a leak on the Trans Ramos oil pipeline been reported, which caused by the sabotage, but a later on statement said the leak was stopped.

No reports yet on the group responsible for the attack, but it came shortly after Nigeria’s militant group MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) announced it was ending the truce it declared last October.

MEND, who earlier demanded that local residents be given a greater share in profits from the oil produced by the region, sent out a warning to oil companies to prepare for an “all-out onslaught” against installations and personnel.

It’s worth mentioning that Nigeria long suffered from similar attacks, causing damages estimated by $ 1 billion to the facilities in the area.


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