Schlumberger Introduces PNX Technology to Egypt

Schlumberger Introduces PNX Technology to Egypt

Schlumberger has introduced Pulsar Multifunction Spectroscopy (PNX) technology for the first time in Egypt in cooperation with the General Petroleum Company (GPC).

PNX is the new generation of Reservoir Saturation Tool (RST) and aims to increase production efficiency from depleted oil and gas fields in addition to increasing their economic value. It is also utilized to evaluate the formation and saturation of oil-bearing layers with high accuracy.

GPC has taken advantage of this technology in two offshore wells in a production field that has been operating since 2004, but was closed for producing water only. After taking the needed prosecutions, the wells are now fully operational and producing crude oil.

After the Hamd-4 and Hamd-6 wells have been repaired, they are now producing at a rate of 1,800 barrels of crude oil (bbls) with only 0.5% of water, and 1,900 bbls with 3% of water, respectively.



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