Russia Resumes Nord Stream 1 Gas Pipeline Flows to Europe

Russia Resumes Nord Stream 1 Gas Pipeline Flows to Europe

After a 10-day outage, Russia resumed pumping gas through its biggest pipeline to Germany on Thursday, easing Europe’s supply concerns amid an economic dispute with the Kremlin over its attack on Ukraine.

Nord Stream 1, which accounts for more than a third of Russian gas exports to the European Union, has been restarted after annual maintenance. Europe is on edge about the restart.

Under the Baltic Sea, Nord Stream 1 transports 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually. It has been offline since July 11.

According to Nord Stream AG, physical flows were at 21,388,236 kwh/h for 0600-0700 CET (0400-0500 GMT), from zero previously.

In a statement, OMV said that Gazprom had indicated it would deliver around 50% of agreed gas volumes on Thursday, the same level as before the shutdown.

On June 14, Russia reduced gas flows to 40% of capacity through the pipeline, citing the delay of a turbine being serviced in Canada.

European governments, such as Germany, have said the turbine delay was not a sufficient reason for the curtailment. Many in the West have been accusing Moscow of using its energy resources as weapons.

The Russian government insists that it is a reliable supplier and that it is not blackmailing Europe with energy. Additionally, it accuses the West of waging economic warfare against Moscow by supporting Ukraine.


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