Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance Company (Petromaint)’s Chairman Ahmed Fouad signed an EGP 300 million technical services contract with Alexandria Petroleum Company and a separate EGP 90 million contract with El Wastani Petroleum Company.

The one-year technical services contract was signed by Alexandria Petroleum Company’s Chairman Mohamed Sobhi at its headquarters in Alexandria and in the presence of Petromaint’s Chairman. According to the agreement, Petromaint will provide technical services including maintenance and new projects in mechanical, civil, and electrical works, automatic control, and information technology.

Petromaint’s EGP 90 million contract with El Wastani Petroleum Company, which was signed by Chairman Hazem Eid, will involve the development and modernization of firefighting, alarm, and gas detection systems. In addition, Petromaint will also ensure that the fire extinguishing mechanisms, warning systems, and gas detection systems for El Wastani Petroleum Company are matching  the international specifications, codes, and requirements of the Egyptian Civil Protection Authority.