PAO Novatek, a subsidiary of Novatek, has signed a cooperation agreement with Nuovo Pignone, a part of Baker Hughes Company, aiming at reducing carbon dioxide CO2 emissions, Novatek’s statement announced.

According to the agreement, the two companies will cooperate to develop electrical and gas turbine solutions for natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production in addition to solutions for reducing CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the two parties will implement a project for converting gas turbines into hydrogen-based fuel gas mix.

On this occasion, Leonid Mikhelson, NOVATEK’s Chairman of the Management Board commented: “We are expanding our cooperation with them [Baker Hughes] to develop efficient and economically viable solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change on our projects – one of the essential topics for NOVATEK and the entire oil and gas industry.”

“Hydrogen technologies have great prospects to reduce the level of global greenhouse gas emissions, and further work is required to develop and adapt these technologies for operations in Arctic climatic conditions”, Mikhelson added.