Nile Valley Gas Company (NVGC), a subsidiary of Taqa Gas, delivered natural gas to 915 households in Beni Suef in May alone, bringing the total number of  facilities that were connected to natural gas grid in the  governorate to 173,434, according to Al Shorouk.

This was included in a report to the Governor of Beni Suef Mohamed Hany Ghoneim. The report stated that natural gas delivery to Bayad El-Arab region and the village of Sheikh Ali is currently underway in addition to connecting natural gas to new neighborhoods East of the Nile in the new Beni Suef city. 

The project continues to deliver to several cities in Beni Suef including; Al-Wasiti, Al Fashn, Biba, and Samasta, as well as to villages including; Al-Zarabi and Al-Dawia.