The movement of vessels carrying oil and petroleum derivatives through the Suez Canal has increased by 36% from 6.8m tons in December 2015 to reach 9.3m tons in December 2016, reported Al Mal News.

The movement of Benzene cargo increased by 29% from 1.6m tons to 2.1m tons, while diesel shipments had increased by 23% from 1.4m tons to 1.8m tons in December 2016. Meanwhile, mazut vessels through Suez Canal had increased by 12% from 1.9m tons in 2015 to 2.1m tons in 2016. However, naphtha freight has decreased by 54% from 2.2m tons in December 2015 to reach 1m tons in December 2016, while the movement of gas vessels has decreased by 31% from 248,000 tons in 2015 to 171,000 tons in 2016.

Moreover, cargo freight statistics showed that Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Algeria and Holland are the top contributors navigating from the North of Suez Canal, while Saudi Arabia, Iraq, India, and UAE are the top contributors navigating from the South of Suez Canal.