Misr Petroleum Company increased the storage capacity of the different benzene types along with diesel to reach 128,000 liters, upon operation start of Suhag station, Misr Petroleum Head, Hussein Fathy, stated, according to Amwal Al Ghad.

A service and filling station, belonging to Misr Petroleum Company, started operations in the eastern entrance of Suhag City, on the road between Suhag-Akhmim, Fathy pointed out, adding that the filling station was recently developed.

The Suhag station, according to Fathy, is the first to provide 95-octane benzene in Suhag City. Developing the station contributed to boosting the storage capacity of benzene and diesel inside the station.

Fuel transportation, storage, and distribution infrastructure expansion, especially in Upper Egypt, is helping in increasing the capacity for maneuvering and securing petroleum products needed for the country’s different sectors, Fathy noted.