A subsidiary of Taqa Arabia, Master Gas, has inked a deal to provide natural gas to Pyramid Poultry Co. with an annual capacity of about 650,000 cubic meters, according to Al-Mal.

Master Gas will transfer compressed natural gas (CNG) via CNG mobile technology without using the national natural gas grid. The CNG mobile technology is an easy and safe method that meets the needs of several industrial facilities, and other sectors in remote areas that have not been reached by the national natural gas grid. The mobile technology transports CNG by specially equipped vehicles  to those areas, without needing to use expensive pipelines.

Khaled Abu Bakr, Taqa Arabia Executive Chairman, commented that “What Master Gas is doing supports and enhances the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources’ plan to expand natural gas usage, and aligns with Egypt’s 2030 vision while also maximizing the state’s economic returns of natural gas.”

It should be noted that Master Gas intends to deliver natural gas to about 30 new projects by the end of 2020.