Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) dismissed the announcement that there is gas and fuel shortages in supplies to power stations. NOC affirmed that supplies are according to agreed quantities at Major Consumers Committee Meeting comprising the membership of Electricity General Company, Libya News Agency (LANA) reported.

The company said in a statement that the fuel and gas supplies were more than enough to operate the power plants and that it has not received any notice of any shortage of supplies from the General Electricity Company, according to The Libya Observer.

NOC stated, “All oil fields that feed the power plants with fuel and gas are working normally, except the gas factory associated with Wintershall, which stopped operation in 2013.” The firm further reassured the public about its commitment to pump available gas and provide liquefied gas on time for all plants.

The shortage claims came as many cities, including Tripoli, suffered from high temperatures coupled with long hours of power outage, reaching above six hours.