Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) evacuated non-essential staff from el-Sidra port after reports of military clashes nearby, but has not suspending any loadings, it said in a statement, Libyan Express informed. NOC said it had held emergency meetings with subsidiaries and had begun emergency measures near the fighting.

NOC declared: “We have not declared force majeure on oil loadings pending further information, but we are monitoring the situation closely.”

In the first week of December, Libyan militias that were expelled from the eastern city of Benghazi had been advancing toward the country’s vital oil terminals, seeking to establish control over Libya’s primary revenue source, reported PennEnergy.

According to the Head of the National Security Committee in the internationally-recognized parliament, Tarek al-Jaroushi , the so-called Benghazi Defense Force launched its assault taking over three eastern towns, including the el-Sidra terminal.

Sources with the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) forces led by Ibrahim Jodran said they, together with the Defence Ministry forces of the Government of National Accord, have gained control of the key oil terminal of el-Sidra and they are moving towards Ras Lanuf.