Kuwait Offers New Tender for Jurassic Gas Field

Kuwait Offers New Tender for Jurassic Gas Field

Kuwait announced a new tender for the development of its Jurassic natural gas field, Platts reports.

The tender is for the development of a new facility called Jurassic gas facility (JGF-1). Upon completion, the facility is projected to have 69 wells and to produce 590 million cubic feet a day (mcf/d) of natural gas and 220,000 barrels of crude oil per day (b/d), according to Platts.

Bids are due by the end of February.

In July, Kuwait’s Oil Minister, Essam El Marzouq, said that Kuwait would finish three natural gas facilities at the Jurassic field later this year, Platts reports. The three facilities were projected to each be capable of producing 100 mcf/d of natural gas and 40,000 b/d of oil.

Jurassic natural gas field is in northern Kuwait and contains sour natural gas and light crude oil, according to Hart Energy. Production from the field began in 2008.


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