Petroleum Pipelines Company (PPC)’s CEO, Abdel Monaem Hafez, stated in a press release to Egypt Oil&Gas that fire broke out at the entrance of the  Katameya-Suez, 10 inches in diameter, pipeline located in street 90 in the fifth settlement district. The fire was contained immediately after.

The pipeline was pumping butane to warehouses in Katameya. Hafez added that the pipeline temporarily stopped transporting butan and the valves before and after the location of the fire were turned off until further notice.

Additionally, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla,  checked the fire location and announced that the fire was put out by  the oil and gas sector’s fire teams in cooperation with  the civil defense forces and the armed forces.

El Molla added that the teams are cooling the pipeline, and PPC will start replacing the damaged parts to prepare for repumping butane once the pipeline is cooled.

Moreover, competent authorities were informed to close the roads and secure them.

The Minister pointed out that the accident did not affect Egypt’s butane reserves, adding that local demands are being covered due to the stability in butane transmission between warehouses and filling stations.