Belarus received late March its first batch of Iranian light and crude oil, as informed by Press TV.

According to Energy Today, Belarusian Company of Beloil Polska received a cargo of 600,000 barrels (800,000 tons) of oil at the port of Odessa, in southern Ukraine. The fuel was further delivered to Mozyr Oil Refinery.

As Belarus explained, the purchase of oil from Iran came as the country is trying to look for alternative crude oil supplies after it received restrictions on imports coming from Russia over a gas price row between the two countries.

Russia cut crude oil exports to Belarus to 18m tons in 2016 from an initial planned 24m. Since early 2016, both countries have been unable to reach an agreement concerning how much Belarus should pay for Russian gas and the conditions for cooperation in the oil sector.

Belarus’s talks with Iran were announced by the country’s President, Alexander Lukashenko, in October 2016.