Intertek inaugurated a laboratory for crude oil, fuel testing and petroleum products in Iraq’s Khor al Zubair port, offering quality assurance solutions in the petroleum industry, Pipeline Oil and Gas Magazine reported.

The new hydrocarbon laboratory will be able to conduct engine fuel testing of gasoline, which will be the first of its kind in Iraq, according to the company.

“As the demand for Assurance services in Iraq grows, we are delighted to have achieved an industry first in opening this laboratory. Our new facility in Khor Al Zubair allows us to cater for the needs of numerous parties operating within the oil and gas industry in Iraq, providing our customers with systemic Total Quality Assurance Solutions,” Matthew Skinner, Intertek regional managing director Gulf and Pakistan, said.

“Local companies can now obtain lab reports to help them assess their fuels in accordance with industry international standards, at a shorter turnaround time,” Skinner added.

The laboratory represents a significant investment in the Iraq oil and gas industry, which offers a wide range of services for the petroleum and related industries.