As part of its ongoing strategic investment program, leading tubular wheel company, Interpipe today announced the launch of its project to build a pipe coating line based at Interpipe NTRP. The planned production capacity of the line is 250 thousand tons (of pipes) per year and is the first of this size in Ukraine.
The process of ultraviolet polymerization will be used to coat the pipes and will take less than two seconds to dry. The new coating will protect the pipes from corrosion for a long term period, which is a key factor when the product is being kept and transported. The new coating is also environmental friendly as the coating doesn’t contain any harmful substances.
Aleksey Slyusarev, Interpipe Director of Production and Investments, said:
“This new equipment brings together the best combination of ecological sustainability and functionality. On the one hand it is environmentally safe for our workers and on the other, it is a great opportunity to coat different pipe types,and improve the commodity properties and performance of our products”.
German company, Venjakob, was selected as one of the major suppliers of pipe coating equipment for pipe producers in Europe, USA and Russia.

(Interpipe Press Release)