A high committee of East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) representatives held the inaugural meeting in Cairo to follow up on the ministerial decrees that took place on January 14 and prepare for the completion of the EMGF establishment, Amwal Al Ghad reported.

The meeting included representatives from the seven countries of EMGF, comprising Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Italy, Palestine, and Israel along with the European Union (EU). The attendees agreed on criteria of the forum’s work until it is completely established.

The attendees discussed work priorities related to completing the establishment’s procedures, in preparation and raising recommendations for the ministerial meeting that will be held on April 2019.

During the first meeting in January, the ministers agreed upon EMGF’s main objectives, which include assisting the creation of a regional gas market by securing supply and demand, optimizing resource development and cost of infrastructure, having an improved commercial relationships and competitive pricing, as well as utilizing existing and new infrastructure.