Green Energy Solution Company is willing to run its new plant that will produce energy from recycling agricultural waste in Beni Suef governorate by June 2017. Chairman of Green Energy Solution, Mohamed El Sayed, said  that the company is targeting to recycle around 3,600t of waste per year. He also explained that the new plant will produce an alternative fuel for cement factories relying on waste, according to Al Borsa.

El Sayed added that the company is planning to set up three production lines in two years, which will offer around 250 jobs in Beni Suef governorate. He also said the company is negotiating with a number of cement companies to provide them with alternative fuel, right after starting the production process. The Company is also holding talks with several foreign parties in different countries to export its energy production ,including Turkey, Iraq and Jordan.

Green Energy Solution was established in 2012 and currently owns eight acres, where it intends to implement the new plant .