With investments of about $ 1.5 million, the General Petroleum Company (GPC) succeeded in drilling one of the oldest fields in the Gulf of Suez at a depth of 2256 meters, it is the development well Amer-81. The well was tested at an initial rate of 600 bbls/d, according to General Trade Union for Petroleum Workers.

It is expected that Amer Filed will be put on production by using an electric submersible pump, with expectations to produce about 1000 barrels of oil per day (bbls/d).

It is also worthy noting that Amer field produced more than 82 million barrels of oil (mmbbls) by drilling 60 wells until 2010.

Nubia reservoir was also discovered in the field and raised the field’s productivity from 4000 bbls/d to 9000 bbls/d, which marked an increase in the reserve stock of the field, as more than seven mmbbls were produced from the Nubia reservoir through 10 wells.