GE has announced that it will be providing the 400MW Bridge Power project in Tema, Ghana, with the equipment needed to start the construction phase, All Africa reported.

According to ESI Africa, GE released a statement indicating that the project will be implemented in two phases, with the first 200MW expected to come on-stream by the end of 2017.

Phase one of the project will see the installation of five gas turbines and one purpose-built GE steam turbine capable of generating 200MW of power, while the second phase will see the installation of another batch of four gas turbines and one purpose-built GE steam turbine to add additional 200MW of power.

The Bridge Power project, which is funded by the EPL Consortium, made up of GE Power, Endeavor Energy, and Sage, can be powered by either liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas, or diesel. It will satisfy the long-term energy requirements of Ghana by providing more than 17% of the country’s reliable generating capacity. Once finished, it will be the largest LPG-fired power plant in the world.

GE’s CEO for Sub-Saharan Africa, Leslie Nelson, noted, “Our understanding of Ghana’s long-term vision for its power sector is built on having reasonably priced, reliable, and diversified energy. The Bridge Power project checks all those boxes.”