GE declared mid-March that Amandi Energy Ltd. will operate a 200MW combined-cycle power plant in Aboadze, Ghana. The plant will help to add reliable and efficient capacity to the grid to tackle Ghana’s increasing demand for power, African Review reported.

The turnkey plant will be powered by GE’s 9E.04 gas turbine with tri-fuel capabilities. Initially fueled by light crude oil, the switch will be made to indigenous gas from Ghana’s offshore Sankofa natural gas field once available.

According to Petroleum Africa, the plant’s construction will be overseen by Metka, a leading international engineering contractor. Once operational, the 200MW plant will be one of the most efficient power plants in the country and will generate the equivalent power needed to supply more than one million Ghanaian homes.

Amandi Energy Ltd.’s General Manager, Boaz Lavi, said: “Having a turbine that is able to switch between fuels can provide increased plant operability allowing for power generation months before the indigenous gas supply would otherwise be available.”

Additionally, GE will provide the steam turbine, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), associated balance of plant, and seven-year contractual service agreement.