Russia’s Gazprom has reduced pumping natural gas to underground European storage facilities as of late July 2021, TASS news agency reported.

The decrease comes as the company’s overall natural gas pumping to the underground European facilities have been increasing in recent months.

Gasprom Export and Wingas’ owned storage facility, the Austrian Haidach, had a fill rate of storage equal to 26.4% on July 2 of 2021, increasing to 31% on July 31.

Meanwhile, its pumping reduced from 48.96 GM per hour to 30.7 GM per hour on July 30.

At the Bergermeer storage pumping hugely fell on July 27  from 237 GW per hour to 89.7 GW per hour.

Moreover, gas pumping in the Raden facility decreased from 228.8 GW per hour to 186 GW per hour on July 30.