The Chairman of Saad El-Din Group and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Investors Association, Mohamed Saad El-Din, stated that the association is preparing for the first trial of transporting natural gas via tankers for the first time in Egypt during the ongoing week before the end of April, Al Mal reported.

He added that his company exerted more efforts through the last period to form the contract with the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) and Gastec company to start implementing the project during April.

Saad El-Din explained that the transportation will be executed by six tankers without using the national natural gas grid at a cost of EGP 25 million per tanker with an operational system that is consistent with the European and international standards.

He said that they are communicating with the customers now who want to benefit from this project, adding that once natural gas is pumped in the first two manufactures in Abu Zeniema, the customers will be increased gradually.

It worth mentioning that Gaston Company which is a subsidiary of Saad El-Din Group, announced in February 2020 the implementation of the first phase of the government’s plan with a total investment of EGP 150 million to deliver natural gas to housing units using tankers instead of relying on the national gas grid.