ExxonMobil Egypt Contributes to Developing Youth Capabilities

ExxonMobil Egypt Contributes to Developing Youth Capabilities

ExxonMobil Egypt participated as an official sponsor in the fifth edition of the Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS 2022) held between 14-16 February 2022, where the company continued to provide the main sponsorship for the third year of the Youth Empowerment Programme. 

Not only did ExxonMobil Egypt sponsor the program, but it was also keen to introduce new activities to provide the maximum benefit to the students.

This comes as ExxonMobil Egypt has been a key partner in various fields of development in Egypt for 120 years, as it has made many investments and initiatives that seek to advance the community and its members. The company always aims to help develop and enhance the capabilities of young people to reach a high degree of efficiency and skill, and to keep pace with the current market needs.

Through the program’s activities this year, the company held workshops for university students, which were presented by a group of international experts at ExxonMobil, in the field of exploration and discovery, which contributes to the exchange of different experiences. The workshops covered several important topics, such as well operations, the application of stratigraphy in exploration, as well as exploration geophysics, and others.

It also contributed to the provision of several other activities, such as giving field tours for students at the ExxonMobil Egypt plant for mixing and filling oils in the Tenth of Ramadan City. They were shown production line systems, operations, and basic safety and health practices to motivate them to pursue careers in the oil and gas sector.

ExxonMobil Egypt was also keen to integrate different age groups of students, and a number of company employees volunteered to motivate young people in the final stages of school education by giving a series of short lectures (Youth Talks) that focused on the efficiency of a particular skill to enhance their abilities to have a more successful career.

In this regard, Amr Abu Aita, Chairman and Managing Director of ExxonMobil Egypt, expressed his gratitude to the volunteers and his appreciation for their efforts and the time taken to transfer their practical experiences to the students. He noted that the company’s vision for community development is based on the transfer of knowledge, emphasizing that volunteering is an essential and indispensable basis for the success of any initiative.

Meanwhile, Youssef Hafez, Director of Government and External Relations and a member of the company’s board of directors, said: “What we are witnessing now is a confirmation of the company’s strategy aimed at investing in society. It is also a confirmation of the company’s leadership in supporting the communities in which it operates as a contribution to building and developing the capabilities of young people in order to achieve sustainable development and the company’s belief that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”

This comes in light of ExxonMobil Egypt’s continued fulfillment of its responsibilities towards society and support for the public and technical education sector and community activities, which comes in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030.

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