Eni has estimated that it will invest $5 billion to construct a gas processing plant for Zohr natural gas field, Arab Finance reported.

The plant’s capacity is set to be 3.2 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) of natural gas, with an aim to connect Zohr’s estimated 2.95 bcf/d production.

All gas processing plants will be completed by the second half of 2019. Five units of the plant were established so far with a capacity of 2 bcf/d, while the sixth unit will be finalized by December bringing the total capacity to 2.4 bcf/d of natural gas.

The company estimated that production will reach 2 bcf/d after connecting eight wells to production.

Eni has also begun drilling the ninth well at Zohr field, a source in the oil and gas sector told Al Borsa in late October.

The company invested $300 million during the current drilling operation, the source said.

The second phase of Zohr field will be completed by July 2018, increasing its capacity to 2.95 bcf/d, higher than the  from the 2.7 bcf/d estimated in the original development plan. Eni will invest around $4 billion in this second phase, increasing the total investment to $16 billion.