Eni Launches First Tranche of Share Buyback Program

Eni Launches First Tranche of Share Buyback Program

Following its authorization granted by the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, Eni declared that the first tranche of the share buyback program, which will concern up to a maximum of 62 million of Eni’s shares (approximately 2% of share capital), will be launched in the next days.

As illustrated in the Capital Markets Update on 23rd February 2023, Eni confirms that the share buyback program, to be executed over a 12-month period, will have a total amount of €2.2 billion. This amount may be increased up to a total maximum of €3.5 billion, in case of upside scenarios.

Therefore, after the First Tranche, a further phase of purchases will be launched to complete the overall planned buyback program.




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