Eni Boosts Sustainable Development Through New Finance Program

Eni Boosts Sustainable Development Through New Finance Program

The new Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Program will allow Eni’s suppliers to request advanced payment of invoices issued to Eni.

This has become possible through a “FinTech” digital platform provided by FinDynamic, a business that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions to optimize the management of corporate liquidity.

Crédit Agricole and UniCredit, the banking counterparts (funders) chosen by Eni for this program, have started the process to complete the operational procedures.

Companies’ eligibility for the project will be contingent on their dedication to sustainable development, integrating better financial resource management with improved ESG performance. In order to achieve this, businesses will make use of Open-es features, a digital platform that links trade, finance, and industry organizations and is focused on the sustainable expansion of supply chains.

Using this program, Eni is making its support strategy for companies more powerful by offering concrete tools for creating long-term value while emphasizing the importance of involving the entire supply chain towards a path of sustainable growth.



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