Enap Sipetrol to Execute an Organizational Restructure

Enap Sipetrol to Execute an Organizational Restructure

Enap Sipetrol is a Chilean state oil company which has been investing in Egypt since 1998 and currently has operations in the Western Desert in East Ras Qattara concession.

At the beginning of 2019, after the new government took place in Chile, Enap Sipetrol executed an important organization restructure inside its upstream and downstream business in Chile and Argentina. This month, an organization restructure was carried out in Egypt branch in order to strengthen ENAP Sipetrol.

The new board and administration is determined to grow its operation and investment in Egypt. For that reason, after a conflict of interest incident was detected, which is still under investigation, Denisse Abudinen, Enap Sipetrol exploration and production (E&P) CEO, immediately executed a top management restructure inside the branch and PetroShahd deputies.

A new General Manager, Roberto McLeod, will be joining the branch by end of August 2019, who has developed most of his career inside ENAP being previously the General Manager in Ecuador and Egypt branches. Due to his large experience in the industry and the country, ENAP Sipetrol expects to fulfill its expectation to grow in Egypt.


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