The East Mediterranean Gas Forum’s (EMGF) held its sixth meeting via video conference to discuss the natural gas industry’s future and the natural gas market development to optimize the region’s potential from reserves and infrastructure, according to a press release.

The meeting, which was headed by Egypt’s representative, comes in light of the unprecedented global challenges due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its implications on economic activities, especially the natural gas industry.

The members delved into several topics of cooperation, economic and organizational activities related to the natural gas industry which comes in line with the Gas Industry Advisory Committee’s (GIAC) plans. The members endorsed and commended GIAC’s plan and promised to provide all means of support towards implementing it.

Additionally, the members discussed the procedures for finalizing the establishment of an official organization of the forum which was previously signed in January in Cairo and met the necessary approvals by the European Union (EU). The forum also scheduled GIAC’s fourth meeting to take place in June 2020. 

EMGF’s members considered the procedures for accepting new members of GIAC in light of the requests received from many industry parties in the region. The meeting concluded its activities by agreeing to hold the seventh meeting in H2 2020.

The meeting was attended by representatives of EMGF’s founding members which include; Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Palestine Jordan, Israel, as well as representatives of the EU and the World Bank.