Emerson and Fores Engineering has signed a $32 million modernization contract with Algerian state-owned Sonatrach for its gas processing plant in Alrar, Pipeline Oil & Gas Magazine reported.

Emerson will use its technologies to develop the production operations and the security of the processes in the plant. The project is designed to help Sonatrach enter the top 25% of companies in terms of operational and capital performance.

“Sonatrach has long been a valued customer to Emerson, and this contract further recognizes Emerson as a leading automation technology company capable of executing complete, turnkey projects to achieve measurable business improvement,” said Mounir Taleb, vice president for measurement and analytical, Emerson Automation Solutions, Middle East and Africa, said.

“This project also enables us to support Sonatrach to ensure its facility meets the latest standards for safe, reliable and efficient operations,” he added.

The program includes many processes to enhance the gas plant in Alrar. Safety systems, fire and gas systems, boosters and compressor controls, field instrumentation, and liquid and gas metering skids will all be improved to help boost production efficiencies, reliability and safety.