President Abdel Fattah El Sisi approved a nuclear-cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia, the State Information Service announced.

The two countries will assist each other in the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The agreement covers cooperation for nuclear security and safety, Ahram Online reports.

The original agreement between the two countries was signed this spring, the state-run news service noted.

Egypt plans to build a nuclear plant in El Dabaa along the Mediterranean coast. The government expects it to be operational by 2024, according to Ahram Online. The plant will produce 4,800 megawatts upon completion.

The government is moving forward with the project in cooperation with Russia. The nuclear plant is part of Egypt’s plans to diversify its energy sources, according to the Minister of Electricity and Renewable Resources, Mohamed Shaker.

Saudi Arabia plans to launch a tender for the construction of two nuclear plants next month, Reuters reports.