During the sixth ministerial meeting of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF), Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla showcased the forum’s accomplishments in the past three years.

El Molla referred to the completion of two studies about the possibility of using the infrastructure of the member countries to achieve economic growth and balance between supply and demand. He also referred to the establishment of 4 specialized working groups, and supporting the forum’s global communication strategy by launching its official website.

These achievements reflect the level of integration and cooperation between the members, and represent a driving force for achieving more joint success, noted El Molla.

The sixth meeting also witnessed the participation of several energy ministers as well as other senior officials.

Cypriot Minister of Energy Natasa Pilides commented on the selection of Cyprus as the president of EMGF for 2022. She said that her country, in collaboration with Egypt, will set ambitious targets to achieve the goals of the forum.



For his part, the Greek Minister of Environment and Energy Konstantinos Skrekas expressed his appreciation for the joint efforts that contributed to the development of the forum, stressing that cooperation is the only way to achieve common benefits for the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Meanwhile, the Jordanian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Ali Hamed Al-Kharabsheh remarked that the EMGF will play a key role in supporting the regional and global cooperation in the field of energy transition.


Mohammad Mustafa, Advisor to Palestine’s President on Economic Affairs, expressed his appreciation to Egypt, as it is working to support Palestine’s efforts in developing its gas resources in the Gaza Marine field.


The Italian Ambassador in Cairo Giampaolo Cantini  said that the forum works towards exploiting the mineral wealth of member countries in an optimal way as well as obtaining sustainable energy resources.

Nicholas Sherman, an adviser for the US Department of Energy, also saluted El-Molla for his role in establishing the EMGF. He also affirmed his country’s support for the EMGF in achieving its objectives as well as its support for the COP 27 Summit, which Egypt will host next year.

The Head of the European Union Delegation in Egypt Christian Berger stressed that the forum is a model for successful regional cooperation and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, pointing to the EU’s support for the forum and its objectives. He also expressed support for studies on the use of natural gas as fuel for ships and efforts to eliminate carbon and reduce emissions.

The Director of Operations at the World Bank Robert Bou Jaoude saluted the forum for its impressive achievements in a short period of time, which demonstrates the strong commitment of the member states and the Executive Office. He added that the World Bank is keen to support initiatives related to the development of natural gas resources, decarbonization, and gas recovery.