Minister of Petroleum Tarek El Molla is currently representing Egypt at the 27th World Gas Conference (WGC 2018), which is taking place in Washington DC from June 25-29, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

El Molla discussed with international oil companies the opportunities to participate in the two exploration and production (E&P) bid rounds announced in May 2018.

No further details were disclosed regarding any agreements or bids.

The E&P bid rounds include 27 concessions in different areas of Egypt. The last day for companies to submit their bids is October 1, Egypt Oil & Gas previously reported.

El Molla also discussed the recent updates in the Egyptian petroleum sector with US officials including the secretary of state, the energy secretary, and the heads of the energy committees in the Senate and the Congress.

WGC 2018 is taking place under the theme “Fueling the Future”, and is being attended by representatives from international oil companies, 100 countries, and 600 energy and economic organizations such as the World Bank, Egypt Oil & Gas reported earlier this week.