El Molla Inaugurates New Integrated Natural Gas Station

El Molla Inaugurates New Integrated Natural Gas Station

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, inaugurated a new integrated natural gas station in the Stadium Station of Co-operation Petroleum (Copetrole) to supply cars with natural gas, liquefied oil and electric charging.

El Molla, who was accompanied by Khaled Abdel Aal, Governor of Cairo, stated that the ministry’s plan is to secure a sustainable fuel supply and to improve the efficiency of fuel transportation and trade to meet the needs of consumers.  He also referred to the increasing demand for natural gas stations as many citizens are encouraged by the presidential initiative to convert their cars to run on natural gas and replace old cars with cars running on dual fuel (natural gas-gasoline).

For his part, Nasser Amin, Chairman of Natural Gas Vehicles Company (Car Gas), stated that the station average sales before the renovation estimated at about 8000 cubic meters per day to supply 550 cars, while currently the station’s capacity was increased to double the amount of sales to 16000 cubic meters to supply 1100 cars.

Adel Ayyad, the Chairman of Copetrole, mentioned that the station has been developed to increase its capacity to 35000 liters of 92 and 95 gasoline, in addition to services enable to supply 28 cars at the same time through 7 quadruple pumps.

It also includes services such as tires, car accessories as well as a supermarket and a restaurant.


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