El Molla Inaugurates Gastec’s SCADA System

El Molla Inaugurates Gastec’s SCADA System

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla inaugurated the remote monitoring and control system (SCADA System) for the natural gas car refueling stations affiliated with Gastec.

The new system comes within the framework of the Modernization program’s strategy, which aims to expand the applications of digital transformation in managing activities. This will raise the efficiency of car refueling stations with natural gas, which serve a large segment of car users, El Molla noted.

During the inauguration, Abdel-Fattah Farhat, Gastec’s Chairman, made a presentation on the company’s new system, which aims to automate the operations and link the stations to an advanced digital system. Using this system, it is possible to follow up, control, and collect data in real-time from service stations to monitor their gas sales as well as their operational and technical status. Periodic maintenance programs will also help optimize stations’ operations and continuously improve their customer service efficiency, while developing a system for the highest levels of information security.

The company is continuing to develop various electronic systems and means for payments to facilitate dealing with customers and reduce paperwork, including cards and electronic wallets, Farhat stated.

After the inauguration, El Molla attended the company’s general assembly meeting to approve the business results for the year 2021, where he praised the achieved results, which witnessed great growth in light of the current expansion in the use of natural gas as a fuel for cars across Egypt.

In 2021, Gastec was able to establish and operate 164 new stations in just one year, which represents an unprecedented record rate that exceeds the number of stations established by the company since its establishment in 1996. This brings the total number of the company’s stations to 317 stations, Farhat said, adding that this represents the highest prevalence rate of natural gas supply stations for cars on the level of national companies operating in this activity.

Sales of natural gas as fuel from Gastec stations increased to 406 million cubic meters, 47% of the total local market. The company also converted about 32,000 cars to work with gas and is one of the largest companies involved in vehicle conversion. It inaugurated seven new conversion centers and five integrated stations in partnership with the Italian company Eni for the sale of natural gas and all kinds of gasoline, Farhat noted.

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