The 10th International Conference on Chemical Engineering was held by the Egyptian Society of Chemical Engineers under the patronage of the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, according to a press release.

Osama Kamal, the head of the conference and former minister of petroleum and mineral resources, welcomed El Molla to the conference. Kamal stressed the importance of the manufacturing industries and economic development under the current scientific, political, and economic developments occurring in the world.

El Molla inaugurated the conference in the presence of experts from different industrial, scientific, and research entities, discussing the latest scientific and engineering techniques and developments in different fields, and especially in chemical engineering.

During the conference, El Molla stressed the importance of the new technological trends in oil, natural gas, and petrochemicals industries in Egypt, in addition to highlighting the challenges of traditional, new, and renewable energy sources.

Moreover, El Molla discussed with the attendees the importance of the small, medium, and manufacturing industries; maximizing the benefits from natural materials in Egypt’s lands and water; and deliberating new directions in the chemical engineering field and in water desalination and consumption rationalization.