The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has started training 60 young people in light of the Human Resources pillar of the Modernization Project, according to a press release.

This came as the petroleum minister, Tarek El Molla, held a meeting with the Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources Affairs, Alaa Khashab, and other petroleum leaders to discuss the plans and targets that are expected to be achieved through 2020, saying that Egypt has enough mineral resources to be on the international production map through the new strategy, mining law and the executive regulations which will be approved soon.

El Molla also talked about the importance of new technology and digitization in executing digital geologic maps to cope up with the global progress in the industry.

El Molla asked the leaders to communicate with the employees and make them aware of the future plans.

He also pointed out Egypt’s support for mining activities, where it has assigned a deputy for the mineral resources affairs to raise the levels of performance, efficiency, devotion, and enthusiasm through work.