El Molla Attended Modernization Workshop

A press release to Egypt Oil&Gas stated that Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, Tarek El Molla, attended a workshop on the oil sector modernization, along with the team assigned for modernizing the sector, and they reviewed what have been achieved and how to implement the remaining plans to ensure the modernization objectives are met.

El Molla pointed out the end of the planning phase and the start of the modernization program execution, adding that the program will connect the oil and gas sector under one umbrella and no one will be excluded.  The program will be investing in the energy, thoughts and visions of the people of the oil and gas sector in order to boost their awareness of the importance of implementing and ambitious vision and cooperative strategy.

The Minister declared that the coming days will witness reduction in the time frame of the program’s execution in order to start implementing the strategic phases set by the oil and gas sector, to increase efficiency until 2021.

Meanwhile, the Ministry’s First Undersecretary of the Technical Department, Osama Mobarez, stated in his speech the actual steps that were taken so far in order to implement the modernization program. The steps included empowering the programs team work, setting priorities and responsibilities of each phase, assigning a 7th technical team to link all the phases of the program, and assigning an operational team to be the program’s operator.


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