Daily demand for diesel has fallen by more than 12% since this summer, an official at the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) told Al Mal News.

Consumers are purchasing, on average, 44 million liters of diesel per day at present, compared to 50 million to 55 million liters per day this summer, the official said.

The official indicated the drop in consumption was due to market stabilization and the end of the summer harvesting period.

Gasoline consumption, meanwhile, has remained constant since May at 25 million liters per day, the official said.

EGPC’s strategic fuel reserves are sufficient to cover any emergency, he said.

“EGPC has sufficient stocks of gasoline, diesel, and butane for a period of more than 20 days for some products. The strategic reserve is safe and any emergency needs are sufficient for the local market,” the official said, according to Al Mal News.

Earlier this month Amwal Al Ghad reported that diesel consumption had fallen by approximately 7.1% and gasoline consumption by 4.2%.

In June, the government raised the price of 92-octane gasoline to EGP 5 per liter and diesel and 80-octane to EGP 3.65 per liter.