Sources with the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity stated that power distribution companies have received about 200 requests for small solar projects implemented on building roof tops, with a total production capacity estimated at 15MW. The companies are  studying the proposals, pending the launch of the government’s phase II for its Feed-in-Tarrif (FiT) program, reported Al Borsa News.

Interest in Egypt’s rooftop solar projects, with production capacities less than 500KW, grew following the announcement made by Egypt’s Minister of Electricity, Mohamed Shaker, that the tariffs under phase II of FiT  will be  20% more than that of phase I. FiT for power purchasing agreements with rooftop solar facilities is estimated at EGP 1.0288 per KW-hour for domestic rooftops projects, and EGP 1.0858 per KW-hour for commercial buildings.

It is noted that Egypt aims to generate 300MW of power from phase II of FiT. Yet, the programs has not been without controversy. Egypt Oil&Gas reported that concerns over arbitration and percentage of foreign funds in Egypt’s solar projects had driven away global investors. However, the ministry was able to reach an agreement on phase II of the program in August.