In preparation of higher butane consumption during the winter months, Egypt has taken steps to bolster its distribution capabilities, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

Four new butane warehouses—two with storage capacities of 4,000 tons and two with storage capacities of 2,400 tons—were recently opened to ensure an adequate supply of butane in the South Valley.

In addition the government established two warehouses—each with a storage capacity of 2,400 tons—at Wadi El Qamar, Alexandria. It also plans to open five additional warehouses with individual storage capacities of 6,000 tons during the current fiscal year.

The new storage facilities raised Egypt’s overall storage capacity at its butane filling factories to 82,000 tons with an additional storage capacity of 55,000 tons at refineries and fields.

The country increased its filling capacity to 14,000 tons per day. It expects butane consumption to reach 4.2 million tons in FY 2017/2018, approximately 11,500 tons per day.

Butane cylinders are being distributed throughout 2,980 distribution warehouses. Out of these 2,980, Botagasco owns 169.

In October, the company opened a new butane warehouse in Kirdas, Giza, Amwal Al Ghad reported last month.