Egypt Oil & Gas Technical Committee has officially launched the Egypt Oil & Gas Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Subcommittee. The initiative aims to promote CSR awareness in the Egyptian oil and gas sector, and increase participation in social programs and community services.

The subcommittee had its first meeting on September 3 at the headquarters of Shell Egypt. The members have discussed their goals and approaches, suggesting that the objectives of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the Ministry of Petroleum’s Modernization Program could be used as a blueprint for the subcommittee’s future actions.

Membership is composed by representatives from the Egypt Oil & Gas Technical Committee and editorial team; Apex Energy; Apache; Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE); Dana Gas; DEA Egypt; Dragon Oil; Edison; Enap Sipetrol; ExxonMobil; Halliburton; Kuwait Energy; Maridive Group; Schlumberger; Shell Egypt; TransGlobe Energy; and Weatherford.

The subcommittee is chaired by Thomas Maher, Apex Energy President and COO, and Mohamed Fouad, Egypt Oil & Gas Managing Director.

The initiative follows Egypt Oil & Gas’s vision to promote innovative, collaborative environments for industry experts, which contribute to the development of Egypt’s oil and gas sector.

Following the Technical Committee’s efforts to enhance CSR awareness in the industry, Egypt Oil & Gas Newspaper will publish a CSR supplement that will gather successful projects developed by oil and gas companies in the country. The supplement will be distributed as a part of the November issue.


Covered by: Mariana Somensi