Egypt Claims First Runner-up in Shell International Competition ‘Imagine the Future’

Egypt Claims First Runner-up in Shell International Competition ‘Imagine the Future’

The American University in Cairo AUC-07 team has claimed the first runner-up position in Shell’s “Imagine the Future” global competition for the 2020/21 season, Shell announced in a press release.

The competition was held virtually on August 26th, where the team presented their project which discussed the future of the Egyptian city of Alexandria in 2050. The AUC-07 team qualified after winning the local competition, claiming the title after competing with over 800 students from 61 teams. It is worth mentioning that a team from Thailand won first place in the global competition.

Shell’s “Imagine the Future” competition is part of the company’s social investment initiatives. The competition aims to support creative and innovative thinking among university students and convey their vision of the future. The AUC team presented scenarios and ideas that provide more efficient and sustainable energy solutions for the challenges that Egypt could be facing by 2050.

AUC-07’s project “What the Future Will Look Like in Alexandria in 2050” included creative visions for a promising future and a healthy environment, free of emissions, relying on clean and renewable energy sources for the development of Alexandria. In a future where climate change is inevitable, the Egyptian team looked at variables such as the dominating economic systems, climate action, social well-being and digitalization to formulate two scenarios on “What the Future Will Look Like in Alexandria in 2050”. The first scenario, entitled Modern Atlantis, included environmentally conscious capitalism that helps the environment recover and enhance individuals’ quality of life. The second scenario, called Green Osiris, involved the international community adopting Eco-Socialism 2.0. Egypt, including Alexandria, would reach zero-net emissions through implementing progressive policies and utilizing nuclear energy; society would shift from hedonistic consumerism to a leisure-rich lifestyle that is filled with solidarity, curiosity and self-expression.

The members of the AUC-07 team expressed their happiness and enthusiasm toward their accomplishment. “We are proud to represent Egypt in the finals of the “Imagine the Future” global competition, and win 2nd place globally. During the preparation for the competition, we faced many challenges, however we succeeded in overcoming them and making our nation proud. We extend our gratitude to Shell, which provided us with all the means of support and assistance in the development of our country,” Lara Shaheen, AUC-07 team leader, said.

“We are proud of the Egyptian team’s accomplishment. AUC-07 was able to achieve an advanced position, proving once again that Egypt has many young, capable, energetic and creative people who are able to plan and build a better future that supports environmental preservation and achieves sustainable development,” Khaled Kacem, Chairman of Shell Companies in Egypt, commented.

“The AUC-07 team’s project demonstrated Egypt’s ability to meet global energy challenges and find innovative solutions to create high-end urban communities that use clean and renewable energy sources to ensure a brighter and optimistic future for the next generations. Shell is keen to support young talent and professionals through our social investment programs and we have launched a number of pioneering programs aimed at enhancing and developing the capabilities of Egyptian youth,” Nashwa Saleh, Social Investment Manager in Shell Egypt, noted.

“Shell’s role does not stop at organizing the competition but extends to preparing and qualifying these creative young potentials to be future leaders in important and vital areas for Egypt. Additionally, we provided them with all possible means of support after they demonstrated their capabilities and dedication in their projects,” Saleh added.

It is worth noting that Shell Egypt supports participating students by providing technical and practical training. The “Imagine the Future” competition is one of Shell Egypt’s many social investment activities, which also include the Shell Intilaaqah Egypt Program, Shell Eco-Marathon, Shell’s partnership with the AUC V-Lab business incubator at the American University of Cairo, Al-Amal Program and other initiatives.

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