ADUS DeepOcean and DeepOcean Ghana Ltd. recently completed an innovative deepwater subsea 3D laser survey off the West Coast of Africa for Tullow Oil, the first extensive commercial survey of its kind, heralding a new era of high resolution, cost effective data acquisition subsea, informed Subsea World News. The survey has led to a three-year contract for DeepOcean Ghana Ltd, reported Offshore Engineer.


DeepOcean’s survey covered 12 drill center locations and a total of 27 metrologies in water depths between 800 and 1,800m water depth. The survey set new bench marks for high resolution contextual 3D survey and proved alternative and fast solution to conventional metrology surveys.

The dynamic laser survey solution, from a moving ROV, comprised a deep rated 2G Robotics ULS 500 Pro Laser and Sonardyne’s SPRINT INS system. The performance of the systems exceeded expectations with accuracies approaching 1cm in dynamic operation.

The accuracy of the survey is providing DeepOcean engineers with valuable quantitative and contextual information to better inform IMR tasks and undertake metrology.