Coretrax Company announced the first deployment of its expandable liner technology, RelineDL, in Norway since its acquisition of Mohawk Energy, a press release reported.

“The move [acquisition] has allowed the business to deliver and deploy novel technology and specialist personnel from local bases, significantly reducing the logistics, cost, and carbon footprint of travelling from the US,” the press release mentioned.

The RelineDL  is a hydraulic expansion system which enables operators to isolate low pressure or thief zones may be faced while drilling. This system provides a significant inner diameter (ID) advantage when compared to a conventional liner string, enabling the safe and effective passage of larger completion strings and maximizing production.

The system was mobilized by a major Norwegian operator, allowing it to drill much deeper in the well eliminating the need to drill a section of the wellbore and install a tie back. This makes drilling operations take less than 40 hours which save 14 days rig-time and deliver significant project efficiencies. It also provides the operator the option of adding a casing string in either planned or contingency scenarios with minimum loss of wellbore diameter.