A source with the Egyptian government stated that Siemens will start trails in Burullus power plant late mid to late October. While, the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity will provide the power plant with 500KW from Abu Qir facility for the trials, reported Al Borsa.

He added that Beni Suef power plant had also tested production. The government provided 500KW from Tibben and Kuraymat facilities for the trial, with the aim of connecting Beni Suef’s power output to the national grid by the end of November. Additionally, Egypt conducted trial runs at the New Capital power plant after providing it with 500KW. The facility is expected to come online in mid-Novemeber.

Egypt Oil&Gas reported earlier on the progress of the power projects, stating that Egypt had paid $2.35b to the german firm for construction work in addition to providing turbines and equipment for Burullus power plant, Beni Suef Power Plant, and New Capital Power Plant.